Structured junior golf training program specifically designed to optimize performance for competitive junior golfers.

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Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) LTAD modeled program designed to build golfing athletes and learn golf fundamentals.

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Providing campers a unique high performance training experience.

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Dennis Sales is one of the top golf instructors in the United States. He has been consistently recognized among the best in New England, where he taught until recently moving to Texas to work with Jon Sinclair at Sinclair’s Golf Training Center at Texas Star.

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Dennis Sales Golf Blog

MEGSA PPE: Improve Your Golf Swing

MEGSA PPE is the most effective way to improve your golf swing.  For years golfers taken golf lessons have in my opinion, been taught at.  What you may not know is the true essence of actually learning to own a more efficient golf swing doesn’t work that way.  Don’t believe me?  Well here goes… Neuroscientists… Continue Reading

Junior Golf Development Programs

Our Dallas junior golf development programs provide aspiring junior golfers an opportunity to systematically develop the key elements of performance.  Junior golf programs combine all facets of golf into the best junior golf development programs located within Dallas Fort Worth.  Those facets include expert golf instruction, skill/technical development, structured training/practice programs, equipment checks, TPI Golf… Continue Reading

TrackMan Golf Testing and Training

Providing Trackman Golf testing and training sessions within the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.  Our goal is to help golfers break that scoring barrier is all about understanding your golf skills. These TrackMan Golf testing and training sessions will help golfers clearly understand their strengths, weaknesses and improve their ball-control skills to ultimately improve their scoring. Any… Continue Reading

Junior Golf Training Programs

Our dallas junior golf training programs provide juniors the best golf instruction and coaching possible.  Golf is a game of various skills that is not easily mastered especially when it comes to fully learning the essentials involved with becoming an elite or competent golfer.  Accomplishing that task according to research requires extended engagement in deliberate… Continue Reading