We utilize TrackMan Golf in Dallas Fort Worth coaching and training programs.  We believe TrackMan must be incorporated into your golf lessons or player development program.  TrackMan is the industry leader when it comes to golf swing and ball flight analysis.  TrackMan provides golfers information on the most important position in golf and what video can’t, IMPACT! Its three-dimensional club movement illustrates what’s happening at impact so the student can have a better understanding of the ball flight.  That’s why the best instructors in the world use it and why many of the best players own one.  It’s time for you to train like the pros.

TrackMan is necessary for those golfers who struggle with consistently controlling their curve, their distance, their contact or all three.  Golf is all about controlling your ball and implementing TrackMan into your golf training will transform your ball striking skills.  Learn what you really need to do to improve your ball flight.

TrackMan is the the world’s most accurate ball flight tracking system.  This state-of-the art technology provides golfers with extraordinary information on the golf swing and entire flight of the golf ball once it leaves the club face.  It records 3D data on club path, face angle and angle of attack in an easy to read display.  TrackMan also records precise data on golf ball flight by measuring the entire distance and trajectory of specific shots from pitch shots to booming drives.  It then is capable of merging 3D ball and club data overlaid on video so a golfer can clearly see and understand their relationship.

TrackMan is used in all performance programs, golf lessons and golf instructional programs for both juniors and adults located in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex or for those golfers coming in from out of state.

TrackMan Golf Lessons Dallas Fort Worth

A golfers swing is as unique as a snow flake.  TrackMan golf lessons focus on helping golfers improve their impact awareness with the freedom to move in their unique style.  Utilizing TrackMan during golf lessons provides both the coach and player precise information rather then the normal trial and error methods.  Tour players and their coaches trust TrackMan swing and ball flight information to improve their games.  Isn’t it time for you to do the same?

TrackMan Golf, Dallas Ft Worth Dennis Sales Golf

TrackMan Golf Practice Sessions

TrackMan Golf is available for hourly rental during practice sessions in Dallas Fort Worth.  Using Trackman Golf as a feedback TrackMan Golf, Dallas Ft Worth Dennis Sales Golftool aids a player in their technical and ball control skill development.  Golfers will get the most accurate swing and ball flight feedback by using TrackMan during their golf practice sessions.  TrackMan can be rented in one hour blocks.  These sessions will aid in improvements of path, club face, angle of attack or any other variable to dramatically improve ball striking.

TrackMan Golf Rental Prices:

  • 1 hour – $75
  • 10 hours – $500
  • 20 hours – $800

TrackMan Golf Combine Test

TrackMan Combine Test consists of:

TrackMan Golf. Combine Test Dallas Ft Worth Dennis Sales Golf

  • Shots hits at targets/zones of 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 140, 160 and 180 yards plus drivers.
  • Upon completion of test, players will receive the following indispensable feedback:
    • Average Distance from the Pin at each target
    • Average Drive Distance
    • Average Offline for Drivers
    • Score (0-100) for each shot category
    • Aggregate TrackMan Combine Score

Trackman Combine test is a critical element for those competitive junior golfers looking improve their games to play at college or beyond!  Testing current ball control skills against those players illustrates the areas of your game that need more development. Working on your ball control skills with TrackMan is not only fun, but is an integral part of a great training program.

Dennis Sales is a highly trained Performance Golf Coach that provides TrackMan Golf Lessons Dallas / Forth Worth Texas.  Dennis was the 2011 & 2012 Top Ranked Instructor in New England by New England Golf Monthly.